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Two Wheel Sunday

Supporters Of Bringing All Motorcycles, Riders, Groups & Shops Together!

Two Wheel Sunday is a really unique event, with the idea in mind of bringing all motorcycle groups, shops, riders and enthusiasts to one place at one time in Calgary. Regardless of what you ride, or are hoping to ride, you’ll see a scooter, sport bike, custom chopper or vintage bike at every turn. This event really has something for everyone.

There are plenty of people on board, including rider clubs and associations, as well as shops and dealerships, along with charity groups like The Motorcycle Ride For Dad and The Veterans Food Bank. Basically, it’s a one day ‘meet’ for any and all people and groups who love two wheels with motors! Come and share your love of motorcycles with like minded people, find a group that suits your style and enjoy what looks to be a great day about our love of two wheels.

This was a get together for anyone who loves the two wheeled lifestyle and wants to hang out with like minded souls and it’s pretty obvious that there’s plenty of them around here!


What We Do & How You Can Help!

BlueCircle Insurance and Paul Featherstone got involved when the idea was just that, an idea to put something together, though at the time no-one knew what that meant exactly. As it turns out, it meant that a whole lot of people were going to show up on their bikes and have a great day, meeting fellow motorcyclists all while checking out some very cool bikes. The event is not only extremely fun, and family-friendly but more importantly, it raises money and awareness going to some very great causes.

This took a lot of planning, backed with the support of some amazing motorcycle shops, and groups to help secure a location that was not only large enough but could accommodate thousands of motorcycles at any given time. Fast forward to today, there has been over 6 years worth of events that we are lucky enough to be a part of every year. It’s grown so exponentially that we’ve secured a new even larger space.

Two Wheel Sunday

Two Wheel Sunday Success

The estimated all-day attendance over the last few years is well over 25,000 in total, more riders than the Two Wheel Sunday team could have ever imagined in the beginning. That puts the three year total of funds raised to over $18,000.00 and over the last 6, it’s more than doubled!

AMAZING. The motorcycle community is extremely generous, and we are excited to be part of an industry where we are lucky enough to see it every day! The more time we can spend to help draw awareness to events, charities, causes and the motorcycle life itself is part of what we love to do.


Check out our past event photos and videos.

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