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Zheng (Icy) Yuan

Document Management

Friendly | Data Lover | Sports Fan

I’ve been with BlueCircle since November of 2016. In my opinion, BlueCircle is a real family rather than a company. Every staff member here supports and helps each other when any one of us faces a challenge or problem. Three words to describe my colleagues would be Professional, Efficient and Friendly.

I obtained my M.Sc. in Statistics and B.Sc. in Statistics and Actuarial Science from U of C. I am interested in statistical modeling and data analysis. Now I am a data processor and I really enjoy my work! I feel so lucky to be a member of the processing team as I have the best “Boss”, Sarah, who gives me so much help!

Outside of work, I am a sports fan. I like to watch NHL/NBA/NFL/Tennis/Golf/Soccer… I really enjoy playing basketball/soccer/golf/DOTA2 with my friends!!

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Phone: 403-770-0138
Email: [email protected]

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