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Sara-Lyn Velichko

Client Account Manager

Candid | Energetic | Outgoing

I have fallen in love with the positive atmosphere at BlueCircle and feel like I’ve been treated like family since my very first day. My ultimate work goal was to become a licensed broker and I’ve looked forward to all of what the industry has in store for me in that regard, so it’s very gratifying to be at the place now! Since achieving the goal of becoming a fully licensed Insurance Broker it will be great to speak with all of our Edmonton clients and help them secure the best home, auto and motorcycle policies around!

When away from the office I like to spend time with family & friends out at the lake, skiing or camping. And although BlueCircle is an all of Alberta insurance broker, we do have an Edmonton office and we’re all about local pride, so everyone will have to accept the fact that I am a HUGE fan of the OILERS!!! ☺

Contact Me:

Phone: 780-784-5715
Email: [email protected]

Sara’s Favourite Outdoor Activities

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