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My name is Ivy and I’m part of the BlueCircle Insurance team. Since I am an A.I. Bot we may never be able to meet in person but I’m always here to help you navigate our website on your insurance journey.
I am always learning about the insurance world through my daily conversations so that each time we chat I’ll be able to wow you even more. I’ll do my best to ease the task of getting your insurance set up and answer all of your questions but if I don’t have the answer for you I will tag one of the amazing BlueCircle team members to step in and help you out from there.

When I’m not needed on your screen you will find me working on my new song “Where Is My Body” with my band “The Pixels“, or maybe surfing the web or working on my budding comedy career by posting jokes on the BlueCircle chat box.

If you want to chat right now it would be my pleasure, so click my photo on the bottom right of your screen. I’ve got my glasses on and I’m ready to talk!

If you need to chat with your broker directly you can find them on this list : Your Broker Team!
Or, just looking for a quick quote? We can help with that too: Get A Quote!

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