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Gerry Baert


Handyman | Rainmaker | Hopelessly Optimistic

I started BlueCircle based on a very simple idea. Come to work every day and work with other motivated, compassionate and hard-working people, all striving towards excellence in our personal and professional lives. From there I have been so fortunate to have so many clients and now friends who have been insured with me since the beginning or close to it and that list keeps getting bigger. How fun and fantastic is that?

Now that we own our little building I am afforded the opportunity to bring more of my creative side to the business and our working environment. Together with some co-workers, we stripped down and rebuilt the office space ourselves. So when you walk into BlueCircle you get a sense of who I am and also who we are as a company. Unique, creative and definitely hands-on!

Besides being a decent handyman, I love to cook, travel, I’m a sucker for all Marvel movies, I can listen to music all day and have now found better life balance in my yoga practice. Whatever it is I do, I always enjoy doing it with friends.

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