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Cassidy Sauve

Data Management

Easygoing | Artist | Future Oscar Winner

I really like the small size of the Edmonton office and feel right at home here, since it’s nice to be surrounded and supported by this awesome team of strong, brilliant women. I love problem solving and learning new things, both of which I get to do a lot of in my job. It’s great to be in my new role as the first point of contact for clients because I believe that my “go-with-the-flow” attitude can almost always help turn someone’s day around.

I lived most of my life in Medicine Hat, AB, but was actually born in St. Albert, and then came back to the Edmonton area for university. Since then I’ve graduated from the U of A with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and ultimately would like to go to film school and get into screenwriting. I’ve always been very artsy and have taken up various creative hobbies over the years including writing, drawing, painting, and photography.

When I’m not at the office you’ll most likely find me watching movies, swimming, golfing, redecorating my apartment, or trying to keep my plants alive! And, I love getting tattoos, with 14 to date and no plan to stop getting them any time soon – sorry mom and dad!”

Contact Me:

Phone: 780-784-5723
Email: [email protected]

Cassidy’s Favourite Outdoor Activities

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