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Anna Stakenvicius

Controller, 6 Degrees

Multi-tasker | Organizing Master | Green Thumb

With two decades experience in the insurance industry, I have worn almost all the hats, weaving my way thoroughly into the fabric of Blue Circle! I’m a long time team alumni, loyal and dedicated to the BCI family. I look forward to learning new things in my continuing education and rounding out my business knowledge. It is really exciting to help innovate our processes and develop the ever-improving positive client experience. “Berry happy” to be here!

I am straight forward, a hard worker, and an organizer extraordinaire. Primarily operating in our accounts department, I am also raising a family, piloting our social club, and in my spare time nurturing the office plant life, I proudly strive to keep all the ducks in a row. I strive to keep our brokerage balanced, our 6 Degrees Finance Corporation running smoothly, and our staff supported with a comfortable, clean and calm environment and quick access to up to date resources. Every day I am happily matching all the dollars in and out. This is the perfect place for me to enjoy my fondness for math and record keeping.

I am also the proud mom of two growing boys and we love to build forts, be silly, experiment in the kitchen and spend the nice weather outdoors. I like to read, paint, garden, swim, and bake and have a passion for Mother Nature and fashion, reusing and recycling. I’m also learning a lot about woodworking and home renovation skills, no challenge is too small.

Contact Me:

Phone: 403-770-4957
Email: [email protected]

Anna’s Favourite Outdoor Activities

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