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Do I Really Need Renters & Tenant Insurance?

If you think that just because you’re not a homeowner you don’t need some type of insurance, you would be mistaken. It’s been said that almost a third of Canadians rent their accommodations, and about half of that do not have insurance.

The misconception is that it’s too expensive, or that it doesn’t do anything for you.

Have you ever made any of these statements?

  • I don’t have a lot of stuff, of course, I don’t need insurance!
  • My landlord will just replace my things if they are stolen it’s not my issue.
  • If I update my rental property my landlord will just have to cover me if something is damaged.
  • If a fire ever happened in my rental my landlord would take care of my belongings, right?
  • My pets are well behaved, they would never cause an issue!
  • I don’t need insurance. I don’t have a lot of stuff. Nothing will ever happen to me.

As brokers, we have conversations like this every day.

These are some common misconceptions when it comes to tenant insurance. It’s important to realize that policies like this need to be in place, even if you do not think it is necessary. Tenant insurance covers you. Because in spite of what you might think, your belongings do add up. Make sure that you have appropriate coverage in place. We have options for tenants, renters and property owners.

If you own your home, you’ll want homeowner’s insurance instead.

Tenant & Renters

Tenant &

We have policy options to protect your belongings while renting. Landlords will often follow up to make sure you have obtained these coverages before you are able to complete your application.

Property Owners


Protect your property and have the right insurance in place when you have tenants. Things can happen that are outside of our control. Make sure you’re properly covered for when life happens!

Your Personal Items Checklist

Your Personal
Items Checklist

Looking to obtain coverage or want to keep track of your belongings? Click on the image above to download your Personal Items Checklist. It is great to have on hand in the event that something does occur.

We guarantee you'll be shocked when you see it all added up.
Once that shock wears off, get in touch for insurance that suits your unique needs.

Tenant Insurance Is Extremely Important, You're Not Covered Without It!

Tenant Insurance, Renters Insurance, and Condo Insurance are all basically the same product. In most cases, a landlord will make certain that you have obtained coverage. It gets less cut and dry when there are no checks in place. There can be misconceptions, and coverages may not be in place to protect you. Do not assume that you have coverage in a claims situation. The sign of a good landlord is one that requires you to have insurance.

As a Renter or Tenant, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get an insurance policy. This will cover you and your belongings. Your landlord’s policy does not extend to cover you. These types of policies are so affordable! You’re not getting insurance for the building or room itself. You’re insuring yourself and the belongings within it.

This is why we are so shocked to hear that many people are bypassing this type of coverage. Which to us makes little sense.

Don’t put yourself at risk. Get insurance!

This coverage is in place regardless if you’re in the dwelling at the time or not. To clarify let’s say you went away for the weekend. When you returned home you found that your rental incurred an accidental total loss fire. Without insurance, you would have no recourse.

We hear about this happening all over Alberta. And it is shocking to find out that in most cases these renters do not have coverage. Under those circumstances, wouldn’t you rather have the policy?

Tenant insurance

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