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Home and Property Insurance

Protect what matters most to you: the place you call home, and everything that fills it with cherished memories and meaning. At BlueCircle, we have witnessed the peace of mind that home insurance offers — and there is truly no price tag that can be placed on it. In the face of devastating losses, we have also seen families rebuild their lives with the resilience and support that only extensive home protection plans can provide.

BlueCircle Insurance is committed to helping you protect your largest personal investment, and recover from devastating losses. Our home insurance policies offer support for rebuilding your home and family life at par with rising building costs.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with professional and reliable repair, replacement, and rebuilding coverage, temporary living expenses allowance, and liability coverage. Find home insurance that’s right for you and tailored to your property.

Homeowners <br>Insurance


There is no other place like home. As it’s more than just bricks and mortar, you need protection for everything that makes your house into a home that’s filled with the memories, valuables, and lifestyle essentials you hold dear.

BlueCircle offers home insurance policies for every type of homeowner, family size, and house. We help you rebuild your life with tailored coverage options and personalized support every step of the claims process. Protect your home and loved ones with repair and replacement coverage in case of a damaged structure and/or loss of personal belongings, and feel safe with additional living expenses while repairs are underway due to a claim.

Condo Insurance <br>Coverage

Condo Insurance

Condo living is all about convenience: being in walking distance to commercial, retail, and lifestyle hubs, minimal property maintenance, and luxurious hospitality amenities are just a few of the perks. While your condo corporation is responsible for exterior building damage and general property upkeep, everything inside your unit is solely yours — and yours to protect.

Our condo insurance policies are designed with the modern homeowner in mind. We know the value of a compact and accessible living space that offers the best of city living, and we help you secure your spot at the heart of the city.

Get interior repair and replacement coverage for upgrades like custom cabinets and appliances that make your condo unit truly your own. Complete your protection plan with home insurance that covers your contents & liability in your condominium, and liability coverage.

Tenants <br>Insurance


Renting may be a few perks away from owning, but wherever you call home, you still need the same protection. Landlords are typically responsible for property maintenance and building repairs, but everything that makes it a home is yours.

At BlueCircle, we are constantly educating renters on the necessity of tenant insurance. Everything you bring into your apartment from furniture, appliances, electronics, valuables and even clothing, is yours to secure. Repair and replacement cost coverage is available to guarantee benefits for rebuilding your home life in case of fire, water damage, and other disruptive perils to your life. Best of all, it’s the very affordable.

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