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Insurance coverage for your Long Haul Trucking and Transportation needs.

Transportation costs are on the rise and by a lot. Higher maintenance costs, foreign exchange rates, inflation, tire prices, and industry mandates are all contributing to serious concerns among carriers and private fleet owners on how to stay in business. For some smaller companies and owner/operators, it could even become cost prohibitive to run your own fleet of trucks.

Long Haul trucking has unique challenges. At BlueCircle Insurance Brokers we have professionals who have been providing insurance and related services to the transportation industry for 20 years. Let our commercial insurance team show you why we are the second most important part of your business.

Complete Insurance Coverage & Package Options

  1. Long Haul Trucking Insurance
  2. Non-Trucking Liability
  3. Cargo Insurance
  4. Transportation Insurance
  5. Trucking Insurance

And so much more!


Our goal is to provide trucking insurance packages tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re an Owner, Operator or a Carrier with a large fleet, we have a comprehensive insurance package specifically suited to you.

We don’t stop there, as a brokerage we have access to some of the best companies Alberta has to offer. Protecting your commercial needs together with your personal property and vehicles is what we do best.

Commercial Insurance Coverages Available For All Of Your Business Needs!

BlueCircle Insurance The Second Most Important Part Of Your Transportation Business

Your Transportation Insurance Specialist

With over 30 years experience, we have dedicated staff with significant knowledge and understanding of the trucking industry. We know how to develop and maintain insurance through risk management programs that are both simple and cost-effective.

Not all transportation companies are created equal. By offering flexible policies from various insurance companies, we can provide you with assurance that your coverages are the best available in today’s market.

  • What do I need on hand to obtain Transportation Insurance?
  • What is included with a Cargo Insurance protection package?
  • What is Transportation Business Insurance?
  • What type of Transportation Insurance is right for me?
  • Is obtaining Long Haul Trucking Insurance better through a brokerage?

These are just a few of the topics revolving around your specific transportation needs that we can discuss together. Offering flexible and comprehensive packages that suit your unique risks are what we are here for.

Delivering exception service through Knowledgable brokers and dedicated service professionals like Dan Whaley, have kept our clients feeling confident about who is handling their trucking insurance needs.

What Is The Average Cost of Commercial Insurance In Alberta?

The cost of commercial insurance or business insurance varies in Alberta. The points to consider are years in business, annual revenue, history of claims, the number of customers and most importantly the industry you’re working in.

It is easy to give you a number, but with our broker knowledge, we know that doing the work behind the scenes is better than any ballpark figure you might get elsewhere.

Contact our commercial account executives for a quote, once you know how affordable commercial insurance can be, let us get you the appropriate coverages that you not only need but deserve for your business.

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