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Oil & Gas Industry Insurance

Oil & Gas Industry Insurance options for when you're in the field!

The oil and gas industry in Alberta is extremely important, and insurance coverages for the oil and gas industry itself are fundamental. Our commercial specialists at BlueCircle Insurance are here to support you through the process of obtaining the right insurance necessary for this challenging industry and all of the risks and exposures you might face.

We’ll help to create a structured policy to protect your equipment, tools, materials, site, employees and yourself while navigating daily production.

Our various coverage options not only encompass your business, and materials but your vehicles as well. Having all of the appropriate coverage in place is absolutely crucial. But, knowing that you’re properly covered can really take that pressure off. Allowing you to get back to work.

At BlueCircle Insurance we want to assist you with ALL of your commercial insurance needs. If you don’t see your job title or business focus here no need to worry, contact us for a quote! We have so many ever growing oil and gas industry insurance options within reach and we’ll work to get you the best coverage for your personal and commercial business needs.

Oil & Gas Industry Insurance Coverage With Liability Insurance

We don’t take insuring your line of work lightly as there could be serious consequences in the event of site contamination, injury, fleet vehicle issues, equipment breakdown, business interruption or a claim.

One of the greatest concerns when it comes to oil and gas industry insurance is the transportation of goods and potential site contamination. Your team is responsible for maintaining the highest of standards when it comes to disposing, or transporting without creating environmental after-effects.

BlueCircle simplifies the process by providing complete, industry-specific policies to meet practically any form of oil and gas industry insurance requirements. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible when it comes to choosing coverage.

Our commercial brokers are here to get the right coverages in place while allowing you to understand those coverages as well. Policies hold our office standard liability amount and provide the coverage that you need for your specific business. The coverage that you require will vary based on your unique needs. We work with industry-specific companies, backed with our knowledgeable brokers who deal with the ever changing exposures in the oil and gas industry.

The Best Oil & Gas Industry Coverage Available For Your Business!

Oil and gas industry insurance as a whole is a mandatory part of your business created to protect you, your team and your hard work, we honestly want to do it right! We recognize that your main focus is your work, and the last thing you should have uncertainty over is insurance. Let us show you why we are the second most important part of your business.

BlueCircle Insurance offers the best coverage in the business when it comes to the oil and gas industry for contractors, engineers. For roles as an oilfield consultant, battery operator, seismic operator or site supervisor we have options!

We also have broad coverages for rig work, construction, installation, welding, hydraulic, labour, pipeline and so much more.

Get a quote above. We know you wont be dissapointed!

Oil & Gas Industry Insurance Coverages Available For All Of Your Site Needs!

BlueCircle Insurance: The Second Most Important Part Of Your Business

Oil & Gas Industry Insurance

Oil & Gas Industry insurance is not only required but very versatile based on your particular business needs. As an engineer, contractor, journeyman, supervisor or business owner you need to make sure that you’re fully covered, so that you can get the job done.

Insurance For Contractors

Contractors, tradesman, tradesperson, consultants, subcontractor, engineer or construction tradesperson. We have coverages for everyone on the job site. Leave the heavy lifting to BlueCircle Insurance, because we’ll make sure you have the best coverage in place.

Insurance For Engineers

Ensure that you have the right coverages in place to protect you in the event of business interruption, equipment breakdown or a claim while on the job. The oil and gas industry is very important but can have a serious impact if something goes wrong.

Insurance For Technology Consultants

Mistakes at work can seriously impact your business and the companies financial situation. BlueCircle Insurance will have the coverage in place to protect against a wide variety of risks, while you handle business optimization.

Insurance For Hydrologists

Capturing and reporting data in the oil and gas industry is not only fast paced but crucial to the job. As an environmental scientist, you must hold the appropriate coverages based you on your site requirements.

Insurance For Inspectors & Labourers

As a pipeline inspector or labourer, insurance is very necessary. Your industry can be extremely fast paced and require attention to detail. Having the proper insurance corresponding with your area of expertise is important.

Insurance For Site Supervisors

Protect your business, team, and yourself while on site. Your contractors have extensive training to concentrate on the task at hand, ensure the back end is just as refined.

Insurance For Journeyman Machinists

You’re an expert in your field with comprehensive training backed by the journeyman title. You hold a valuable position, that requires the correct coverage for the job.

Insurance For Mechanical Engineers

As a mechanical engineer, you handle various principles surrounding a job, including drafting, pressure, shock, vibration, temperature, corrosion and fluid mechanics. Get your coverage in place so you can get to work.

Technician & Technologist Insurance

You’re responsible for both well and seismic data handling. As a highly organized and detail-oriented person, ensure that you have the proper insurance to match.

Pipeline Construction Insurance

Pipeline construction is physically demanding, and you have enough to worry about with welding, sealing and environmental regulations. Insurance should not be a concern, it’s in place to protect you, make sure it’s right.

Insurance For Geologists

As a Geologist, your business is a very highly exposed one and you must maintain accurate accounts and specifications with regards to pipelines, and ground substances. Let us create an insurance policy that is just as detailed.

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