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Commercial Insurance

It’s only fitting that your best work deserves the best protection: a comprehensive commercial insurance coverage tailored to your company size, industry, and the unique risks faced. At BlueCircle Insurance, our mission is helping you secure your position as a market leader, and grow your footprint by relieving the additional stress and demands of understanding the right insurance policy. Leave that to us, it’s what we do so you can focus on what you do.

Commercial Insurance Coverages Available For All Of Your Business Needs!

BlueCircle Insurance The Second Most Important Part Of Your Business


BlueCircle can provide your business with insurance coverage to protect your business from financial repercussions arising from unexpected claims and accidents.

Business insurance includes repair for damaged property, business interruptions, and general liability claims. We provide you the right policies that work with the ever-changing nature of your business.

Commercial Truck

Secure your fleet of trucks, company cars, and the goods and services they transport. Mitigate the financial fallout caused by accidents and potential product losses. Protect company drivers, vehicles, and your entire operation with a proper and fully personalized insurance policy that includes the right liability coverage, so you can maintain production and delivery timelines.

Oil & Gas Industry Insurance

The oil and gas industry is the bedrock of Alberta’s economy, that can be full of promising financial gain, but with immense and unique risks. As homegrown Albertans ourselves, BlueCircle knows the oil and gas industry.

We equip oil and gas producers with insurance coverage tailored to the safety risks and requirements of the industry. Our promise is oil and gas insurance that protects both your company and crew with effective insurance coverage.


With the rising cost of transportation, trucking and fleet companies need to mitigate potential losses early on. Protect your company’s assets from the financial impact of accidents, and property damage. BlueCircle will insure your trucking operation with the right, personalized insurance policy that fulfills your individual needs.


Build, repair, and maintain core infrastructure and utilities with ease. Contractors insurance protects the hard work of tradespeople, contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other essential workers on the job site. Protect your license and reputation as a reliable contractor with a fully comprehensive commercial policy including appropriate Liability coverages. We offer contractors insurance to make job sites safe and productive.


From commercial buildings to your equipment and tools, your business requires various spaces and tools to get the job done. Secure company assets with a comprehensive commercial property insurance to mitigate costly losses from accidents, disasters, and other property damage.

Choose maximum protection for core business assets. Get additional coverage for other potential financial losses, such as debris removal, pollution cleanup, and income losses that impact operations and revenue. Identify other risks like earthquake and water damage, and enroll in extended coverage options for complete protection. Resume normal operations quickly and confidently knowing that your business is properly insured and protected, and set up for future growth. This is what we do at BlueCircle every day and we are good at it.

What Is The Average Cost of Commercial Insurance In Alberta?

The cost of commercial insurance or business insurance varies in Alberta. The points to consider are years in business, annual revenue, history of claims, the number of customers and most importantly the industry you’re working in.

We want to give you a number, but with our broker knowledge, we know that doing the work behind the scenes is better than any ballpark figure you might get elsewhere.

Contact our commercial account executives for a quote, once you know how affordable commercial insurance can be, let us get you the appropriate coverages that you not only need but deserve for your business.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance Coverages Available For All Of Your Business Needs

Over the years we have had the opportunity to provide insurance for many great commercial endeavors. From large companies to small businesses. Which we love because we are a small locally owned business ourselves.

Unlike other companies, we make a great effort to support those that we cover with commercial insurance with our personal return business.

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COO, Partner

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