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Why Use A Broker To Buy Your Insurance?

Posted By on 03-10-2018
Why Use A Broker To Buy Your Insurance?

With so many insurance company ads on tv and the internet, many people wonder why they’d need to use an insurance broker to purchase coverage for their assets.

why use a broker to buy your insurance

Seeing all those ads makes you realize that there are plenty of choices out there. Although it’s great to have lots of choices, when you deal directly with an insurance company, or one of their subsidiary companies,  you’re getting information on one provider….them. Pretty hard to compare apples to apples unless you go and get information from each and every provider out there, a time-consuming task to say the least

Enter…the Broker!

First and foremost, your broker is going to be local, either in or near the same city or town you live in, or at least in the same province.
Why You should use an insurance broker
Your broker is likely to be a smaller group of people and you’ll be dealing with the same person on a regular basis, so they will each be able to build a relationship and learn the important details of your lifestyle in order to offer the best advice.

And, a broker represents several different insurance companies, all who have slightly different features and coverage which is tailored to individual needs. Your broker will shop on your behalf to get you the best coverage for the best price and, as is the case with BlueCircle, should annually review your policies prior to renewal and make sure that you are insured with the right provider.


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