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Why Distracted Driving Affects Insurance Premiums

Posted By on 10-04-2019
Why Distracted Driving Affects Insurance Premiums

Did you know that distracted driving is now the number one cause of accidents in Alberta and the results are having a devastating effect on people, but also hurting everyone on the financial side of life.

photo courtesy of Wawanesa Insurance

Aside from the fact that far too many lives are lost or that people are seriously affected by accidents and injuries associated with being distracted when operating a motor vehicle, unrecognized collateral damage is the associated costs which are subsequently passed on to all insurance consumers.

The basic concept of insurance is such thatĀ many insureds pool their money together to pay for the losses of a few, so it stands to reason that the more losses we collectively suffer, the higher our premiums.

Without a doubt, some of those cost increases are the result of the extreme weather events that are becoming the norm these days, but distracted driving causes approximately 30% of all motor vehicle accidents and the damages, including health care costs and lost productivity, run in the billions of dollars.

Some of our business partners, likeĀ Wawanesa Insurance, are doing their part to help reduce the risks associated with distracted driving.

Use your cell phone “DND” when operating a vehicle

One of the easiest steps to take in order to reduce distracted driving is to set the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your cell phone when getting behind the wheel of your vehicle, thereby eliminating the temptation to use your device.

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