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What’s The Password?

Posted By on 24-03-2021
What’s The Password?

Everyone knows the term “Hacker” and likely most people have heard of “Cyber Crime” and “Data Breach”, so are you, your family and your employees or co-workers taking the most basic step possible to help protect personal and sensitive information and data that could compromise everyone’s safety and assets.

Cyber Crime is already a scourge of modern society and it’s only getting worse. Of course, BlueCircle offers many forms of cyber insurance as one form of protection that will give you a bit of peace of mind if criminals do take advantage of you or your family, or your business and it’s employees. Insurance aside, the best line of defence is always going to be education, training, and the practice of creating protocols and procedures that will mitigate the loss potential in the first place.

This loss mitigation is referred to as “IT Governance” and the number one priority of that program should be PASSWORDS.

With log-ins being one of the most common daily activities, it’s ever so important to have strong password protocols in place. And though complexity is a great tactic, the “length is strength” approach is the real key to password protection! Hackers are developing extremely powerful and fast password cracking tools that can try tens of millions of possible password combinations per second. That means that each and every character you add to a password or passphrase makes it an order of magnitude harder to attack by criminals using that “Brute Force Attack


10 Password Practices To Keep Your Data Safe

  1. Do not use your network username as your password
  2. Create unique passwords by using a combination of words, numbers, symbols, and both upper- and lower-case letters
  3. If you need a password that’s easier to recall from memory, choose a phrase from a movie, a favourite book, or even a line of poetry, remembering that length is strength.
  4. Considering the first two points, avoid using easy to crack adjacent keyboard combinations like “qwerty” or “123456”
  5. Similarly, do not choose passwords based upon details such as your birth date, your Social Insurance Number, phone number, or names of family members etc
  6. Do not use the same password at multiple web sites, just in case hackers gain access to that site and steal your sensitive information.=
  7. Use multi-factor authentication where possible.
  8. Never reveal your passwords to anyone else.
  9. Change your passwords regularly.
  10. Use a “Password Manager”.

Most anything, such as learning a skill or developing a program or procedure, starts with the basics and password management is one area that needs everyone’s focus. And sure, you can get on it and easily follow these protocols yourself, but if you run a business that collects and stores other people’s sensitive information you also have to get everyone who works with you on the same page. Empowering employees by helping them understand their cyber responsibilities goes a long way in keeping all the risks down.

And back to the insurance element, BlueCircle would be more than happy to discuss getting you set up with some solid cyber coverage and help protect you and all you own the right way. 

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