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Teachers Insurance Options For Alberta

Posted By on 05-03-2018
Teachers Insurance Options For Alberta

Did you know that not all insurance is created equal? Group rates are not always what they seem, and without knowing it you might be forfeiting coverages and rates that could actually benefit you.

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Over the last month, we set up shop at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention and the Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Conference to discuss what BlueCircle Insurance Brokers can do, and we were blown away by all of the Teachers who were looking for something different.

The option to choose, the right insurance, backed by a local brokerage.

Many Teachers are given a preferred company for Insurance, with group rates. As a consumer, if I were to receive “group rates” I would assume that meant I was getting something above and beyond what everyone else was, something better, and more exclusive. But, our question to Alberta Teachers was, are you really receiving the insurance that you need? Sometimes the discounts can be pretty great, and we understand that too. It’s best to look at your policy and see if the potential savings are worth lesser coverages, or service standards.

You may have had the chance to chat with some of our amazing staff, partners and, specialists at the show. Find out a little bit more about Dirk, Melisia, Kelly, Paul, and, Beth by checking out their broker bios. We like to talk a little bit more about who we are as people and not just brokers. We think this makes us stand out too!

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Comparing insurance is what we do as a brokerage. We work with many amazing companies outside of a group scope that actually works with your lifestyle. We bundle, we compare, we listen. We are experienced, know what the group rates are, and how the freedom of a brokerage can actually help you break out of that mold.

Teachers insurance alberta convention beth fortinSome amazing teachers, that stopped by the booth!

We know that as a Teacher, you’re more than just a group or a number, you’re an individual. Our goal is to show you that a local brokerage can go above and beyond, and truly be available for you when you need it the most.

If you missed us at the shows, that’s ok, there was a lot going on! We are available to help you out when it’s convenient for you.

Find out a little bit more about our offerings here, and while you’re getting to know us, let us get to know you too. Fill us in on your current insurance, and what is important to you. We will wow you with the rest!

Thank you for coming to see us at the show, and allowing us to earn your business.



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