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Party Safe | 12 Tips For Your Holiday Party

Posted By on 22-12-2017
Party Safe | 12 Tips For Your Holiday Party

Do you want to host a party but wonder what your liability may be when you have guests and are serving alcohol?

Perhaps you’re organizing the company Christmas party at a private venue,  an anniversary celebration at the community hall, or hosting the bridal party at your home after the wedding rehearsal. What ever the occasion, your company and/or you personally, could be liable for the consequences if something were to happen to a guest at your event. You have a responsibility to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of you, your home or business, and, most importantly, your guests and members of the public.

12 tips to help you host a safe party involving alcohol safety tips for hosting a party with alcohol

  1. Make your party an invitation only party, and be in control of who attends. This will help avoid having guests that are unruly or have a tendency to be excessive.
  2. Make the start and finish times clear on your invites, so people are well aware, particularly of the end of the festivities.
  3. Don’t use social media to send invites, unless you have ensured it is a closed group with no chance of the invite being shared with individuals who may crash your party.
  4. Clearly state whether the event is alcohol free, byob, or a supplied bar, with preference to the latter so you can control the amount of alcohol served. Always offer guests alcohol free options, like pop, water or coffee.
  5. Get a liquor license, an absolute must if you’re supplying liquor at an event or venue other than a private party at your home.
  6. Inform your neighbours, be they residential or business. This can avoid potential problems, particularly if they have your contact information and can reach you directly should there be issues.
  7. Lock up valuables or close off areas in your home, even if the guest list is small. It’s not just theft you need to worry about, as accidental damage to your personal articles can occur or guests may wander into places that may not be safe, like those basement stairs.
  8. Plan activities, like games and dancing, so guests have things to focus on other than drinking.
  9. Supply food and snacks, so guests aren’t consuming alcohol on an empty stomach.
  10. Hire a certified bartender for your private partyModerate your own level of consumption, since you are the host and need to be in control and aware of the activities and behaviour of your guests
  11. Hire a qualified bartender, with Pro-Serve or some other sanctioned certification. These professionals will know how to monitor guests and avoid over-serving.
  12. Arrange taxi or other ride services, since readily available options will make it easier to keep your guests from getting behind the wheel of a car and attempting to drive.

Here’s an interesting idea… Queensland Police in Australia run a program called Party Safe. Register your party with them and then issue their special, non-reusable wristbands to identify invited guests at an event. Eviction of party crashers is much easier when these guests can’t prove they have been invited, particularly if things escalate and the police do need to attend. If you’re a parent, here are some safe party tips for teens who may be enjoying the festivities themselves.

As always, being proactive is the best step to protecting yourself, but when it comes to added peace of mind while hosting a party you should consider purchasing event liability insurance.

You can certainly see the potential for accident or injury when there’s a group of people having fun, especially when there’s alcohol involved. And no matter what steps you may take to ensure that your guests are safe, like those included in our list, things can and do happen that are out of your control. Why take a chance on being exposed when there are affordable options available to provide liability coverage. BlueCircle Insurance offers several types of alcohol liability coverage and event insurance to our valued clients, thereby protecting you and all you own, the right way.

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