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My Driving Discount In Action Part. 1

Posted By on 05-02-2020
My Driving Discount In Action Part. 1


Does the Intact My Driving Discount program really work? We’re going to secure our own catered auto insurance discount and take you along for the ride!

It’s no secret that both claims and convictions can have a huge impact on your auto insurance rates. Now, if you’re already driving safely out there, wouldn’t you like to turn those skills into savings?

my driving discount savings for auto insurance bluecircle


Our very own Dirk Bruggencate is up for the challenge! As a COO and Partner, he is dedicated when it comes to finding the best possible coverages and rates for our clients. Now, as a client of BlueCircle himself, he’s just as interested in achieving the best possible rates for his own insurance.

So, he signed up for the Intact My Driving Discount program and is excited to share his personal experience with using the application. This series will follow up every few weeks to see how he’s doing!

Here is a quick breakdown of the program:

  • For enrolling you automatically save 10% on your current insurance.
  • Download the app from Intact Insurance. This will allow you to log and┬árecord your trips during┬áthe 9 month assessment period.
  • The app will take into account Hard Braking, Rapid Acceleration, and Time Of Day. It will run in the background and you only have to finalize your trip after you turn off your vehicle, or indicate that you were not the driver of that trip if you were a passenger.
  • Your insurance will never go up as a result of participating in this program and your information is never shared.
  • At the end of the assessment, you could save up to 25% on your insurance renewal!

Now, let’s get to those details!

Dirk has been logging his trips for about 3 weeks now and is going to fill us in on how it’s playing out so far.

my driving discount app screen
  • The device calculations are MUCH less sensitive than originally expected. He had a few quick breaks and acceleration events but still remains at a 25% overall.
  • The experience is causing him to be more intentional about his commute. Driving responsibly and leaving more space between the vehicle around him.
  • Dirk has already experienced various driving conditions of snow, rain, and dry roads in the first few weeks, which really changes your driving patterns.
  • On a normal commute, his vehicle is driven 70% highway 30% city. He rarely drives in the evening and has logged over 700 km.


All in all this program is here to help you save on your insurance while being a responsible driver, not to mention seeing that big percentage when you open the app. We’re excited to see how this 9 month assessment period really turns out and help end some of the stigmas around logging your personal driving habits.

We’ll be posting regular updates throughout Dirk’s journey and if you’re curious about how to try out the program, reach out to us here: [email protected] or check out Affordable Car Insurance for more information.


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