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Make Every Day Earth Day

Posted By on 13-04-2018
Make Every Day Earth Day

Blue is the New Green! Haven’t you heard? BlueCircle strives each day to reduce our consumption. As an office, we are basically paperless, we recycle and are very mindful of what we are printing.

blue is the new greenHonestly shouldn’t every day be like Earth Day? It’s kind of like Valentine’s Day. We shouldn’t have to observe a specific day once a year to tell those around us that we love them. So let’s do our part every day to make sure we love our planet.

Here are 10 tips to introduce a little green into your lifestyle:

1. Use the 5 Senses: I’m not talking about Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and, Heart. (Captain Planet reference on Earth Day, YES! Nailed it) Open up to nature all around you, even in the city. There are lots of things to do that don’t involve excessive use of our resources.

2. Conserve Water: By turning off the tap while you brush your teeth you will save four gallons a minute. In the shower, turning off the water while you shampoo and condition your hair can save more than 50 gallons a week.

3. Manage Energy Use: Always turn off the lights when you leave a room, and replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). They are slightly more expensive but will last much longer. Use the minimum amount of outdoor security lights by setting them on a timer or motion sensor so they turn off during the day.

4. Less “Exhausting” Commute: Leave your car at home and get out. Ride a bike, take a hike, or hop on the train. By leaving your car at home even for one day you’re doing your part. This might not be doable for all of us, but once and a while still adds up!

earth day bike to work

5. Recycle: Aluminum, Plastic, Newspaper, Cardboard, Glass, Magazines and Mixed paper. Put a separate bin under the sink next to the garbage can. You would be surprised how many items you would typically throw out that are recyclable. If it’s within your reach, you’ll be more likely to keep up with it. Check out what you can recycle, and what you can throw out with your city.

6. Reusable Shopping Bags: The average household will typically acquire 200 plastic bags per year. Even if you recycle your bags, it will add up. Instead, Stock your vehicle with reusable bags or flat boxes and while you’re out and about you won’t have to settle for plastic. You know those black bags we typically give away at The Calgary & Edmonton Motorcycle Shows? Those work perfectly!

7. Refill a Water Bottle: We’re fortunate to have running water in our homes, so drink it! Head out and grab some refillable water bottles and reuse.

8. Buy Local: Not only are you helping to support local farming but helping cut out all of the gas used to get the food to the supermarkets from out of the country. Some things yes, we will still need to import but a great day spent at the farmers market is not only fun but tasty too. This doesn’t just apply to food, you would be surprised how many amazing shops are right born and raised right in your own city. If you’re ordering something online, see if anyone else is doing the same, you can send it all at once and save on shipping.

earth day farmers market

9. Use your large appliances efficiently. In the summer months wash clothing in cold water and hang to dry. Also, do a big clean out, and donate items both clothing and household to your local thrift shops or shelters. Change up your eating habits too, keep that oven off and try out some fresh meals instead.

10. Avoid The “Print” Button. Obviously! You can read most documents online and you can pay many bills via online banking. You can even access all of your documents and pink cards through your online Go BlueCircle Account! When you do print, use both sides of your paper as much as possible. As we said above BlueCircle is as paperless as possible too!

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What tips do you have for making every day Earth Day?

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