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Keeping Your Home Cool In Extreme Heat

Posted By on 28-06-2021
Keeping Your Home Cool In Extreme Heat

We don’t get a lot of extreme heat in Alberta and that might explain why so many homes don’t have air conditioning. But, when it does get hot and you need to cool things down, we have some tips to help.

It’s true we don’t get a lot of hot weather in Alberta. More like the opposite and every home has a furnace and probably some extra heaters, but not so much for air conditioning for hot weather. If you’re like the average person and don’t have an A.C. unit, you’ll appreciate some ideas on how to keep your place cooler and more tolerable. Like anything, being pro-active and taking steps to prevent overheating is the best approach.


When it's hot you can help stay cool with these great life hacks

  1. Shade Your Home. If you live in a house and plan your landscaping you can use tress and shrubs to provide shade on the vulnerable sides of your abode. Likewise with window awnings and shade screens on those south facing sides of your place. 
  2. Install Low-E Windows. It may not be practical to replace your windows but if you are renovating, spend the extra money and get these types of heat refelcting windows. If that’s not feasible or you live in a rental, condo or apartment that doesn’t allow that type of reno, you can purchase static cling heat reflecting film to apply to the windows that will do a respectable job.
  3. Keep Windows And Blinds Closed! Though it may seem counterintuitive, keeping things buttoned up tight when it’s hot during the day will keep the heat out!
  4. Keep Doors Closed! Just like your windows being shut, closed doors keep out heat and traps cooler air indoors. When going in and out of the house, do so in a timely manner to keep the house sealed.
  5. Use A Fan! Whether it’s a ceiling fan or portable unit, moving some air around your living quarters will help. Just remember that ceiling fans need to be turning counter clockwise in order to push air down!
  6. Use LED Light Bulbs. If you’re having to turn on lights remember that incandescent bulbs throw off heat while LED are quite cool.  And, you can save some dollars on your electrical bill too.
  7. Cook Outdoors. Don’t fire up the stove or oven but do some BBQing instead. Most of the modern units come complete with a side burner too, so if you did need to boil or saute something, you can take your pots and pans outside and keep the heat outdoors
  8. Open Things Up At Night! Once the heat of the day is gone and night time brings cooler temperatures, that’s the time to open your windows and doors and let the cool air into your home. Of course, security is a priority so you need to be carefull with unattended rooms and doors and never, ever go to sleep at night with any unsecured windows or doors since this is the number one reason for burglars gaining access to your home. 


Of course, the easiest way to keep your home cool is with an air conditioning unit. There are a variety of types, including the built in units that force cool air through your furnace ducting. But, you can get a smaller window monted unit or portable floor models that vent through a flexible duct placed in a window that work well for cooling a room. Even if it’s just chilling your bedroom so you get a good night’s sleep, they can help the cause. If you do have an air con system, using the above mentioned tips is still a pro-active way to keep your place from heating up in the first place and make a heat wave all the more bearable.



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