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Insurance Payment Changes In Alberta

Posted By on 18-08-2016
Insurance Payment Changes In Alberta


For many drivers in Alberta, rates have increased. Multiple factors are taken into consideration and payment plans are no longer always available.

When it comes to insurance payment options, some companies have strict guidelines or no available plan at all. Insurance payment changes in Alberta might mean your only option is to pay your policy in full. A late or missed payment with an insurance company will follow you around and makes it tougher to qualify for more flexible options, in the future.

At this time we are unable to accept new business for stand-alone Auto or Liability Only Motorcycle/Recreational Vehicles. If you’re looking for a Bundled Quote click here so we can get started on your pacakge policy.

A few ways to save on your insurance:

  • Bundle your policies together with one brokerage.
  • Bundle your Home and Auto insurance together to take advantage of potential multi-policy discounts.
  • Bundle your Motorcycle policy with a vehicle, home, or condo. As many companies are unable to accommodate stand-alone motorcycles or stand-alone vehicles going forward.
  • Consent to a soft credit check when obtaining a new policy or renewing your current one if the option is available. Your premium will never increase as a result of a credit check, but you could end up saving on your total premium.
  • Paying for your policy in full can actually save you in the long run as there are no service fee’s included from the insurance company.
  • Keep a clean driving record. Tickets and convictions stay on your record for several years and that can impact your rates negatively.
  • Keep a clean payment record. Missed payments and cancellations for non-payment will also affect your rates negatively, and make it difficult to secure a policy again.

Above all, we appreciate your business, and because of that, we do what we can to help you with your insurance, but sometimes we are unable to provide you with a policy that fully suits your needs. For more information on insurance payment changes in Alberta, talk to your broker today.

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