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How To Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Posted By on 03-12-2019
How To Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

how to reduce your insurance premiums in alberta bluecircle insurance


7 Ways To Potentially Reduce Insurance Premiums & Protect Your Assets.


Keep conviction free.

Both claims and convictions can have an impact on your auto insurance rates. Drive responsibly and even take advantage of My Driving Discount!

Don’t drive distracted.

Distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents, a factor in 8 out of 10 accidents in Alberta.

Install your winter tires.

They can stop approximately 40% sooner than all-season tires and improve your vehicle’s handling in winter weather.

Consider hail protection equipment for your vehicle.

Parking in a garage is a great way to avoid hail damage but if it’s not possible, there are quite a few innovative products which can help prevent damage from hail storms. Here’s a Hail Protector that works.

Increase the amount of your deductible.

Assuming a bit more risk retention could help offset an increase in your premium.

Combine your home and auto insurance policies.

This is a BIG ONE! Bundling your insurance together in a package can give you additional savings on both products.

Report any suspected fraud.

The insurance industry, along with the Provincial and Federal governments and the police are working hard to catch and prosecute fraudsters but the consumer needs to be involved. If you suspect fraud report it to the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s tips line (1-877-IBC-TIPS).

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