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How To Avoid Auto Related Thefts

Posted By on 20-07-2021
How To Avoid Auto Related Thefts

When you think of auto theft, you shouldn’t not only be thinking of someone stealing your automobile but also the items inside. We have some excellent tips on deterring thieves from even considering your vehicle as a target for any sort of crime.

Yes, there is always a threat of vehicle theft, especially when considering the technology that criminals use to circumvent modern vehicle electronic systems. Keyless entry, push button starts, and fob technology may be convenient for users but can also provide ways for thieves to get control of your car’s system and make off like a bandit. Even if that tech just provides an easy way into your vehicle, this may allow thieves to steal whatever contents are inside, including personal documents.

Even if criminals are not that sophisticated and it’s a “smash and dash” type of crime, we have some excellent tips on preventing your vehicle from being a target.

“7 Ways To Avoid Auto Related Theft” 

  • Get An Alarm! Whether it’s a factory built-in model or an add-on, a car alarm is one of the best ways to deter thieves, or stop them in the act should they go after your vehicle.
  • Install A Disabler! There are certain types of devices that can be installed on a vehicle that, when activated, will either stop the vehicle from being started or kill the engine while it’s in operation.
  • Use A Steering Wheel Lock! Even the sight of one of these locks attached to your steering wheel may be enough to send a thief looking for an easier target.
  • Purchase A Remote Starter! If you live in a northern location like Alberta and cold weather is a factor, consider getting a remote starter to use when you want to warm up your vehicle. One of the great things about these devices is no key in the ignition, and if someone does gain entry to your vehicle, touching the brake pedal or gear shifter shuts the vehicle down instantly. 
  • Park In A Garage! Out of sight, out of mind! This means that when your vehicle is locked up inside a building it becomes less of a temptation.
  • Turn It Off And Take Your Keys! It’s amazing just how many auto thefts are crimes of opportunity, so shut off your vehicle and remove your keys, even if you’re just running into a store for a minute. And remember that remote starter we suggested you get in point #4? They’re also great because they can be activated while your vehicle is running and you can remove your keys, lock the door and keep your car warm, though please consider the environment for this usage.
  • Protect Your Fob! Keyless entries and starters on cars are a nice convenience. But, some thieves are quite sophisticated and use electronic devices that can steal the signal from a fob and enable the vehicle to be unlocked and started. Keep your fob away from the front door of your house and keep it in a security pouch, which can also be used when placing your fob in a pocket or purse. Also, some fobs can be shut off, so check to see if yours has this feature.


Do not leave valuables inside your vehicle

From petty crime to theft of important valuables, criminals of all kinds take advantage of people all the time. We gave you some tips on how to deter vehicle theft so how about some suggestions on protecting the contents inside.


“7 Ways Of Avoiding Vehicle Break-ins”

  1. Lock Your Doors And Close Your Windows! While this won’t stop a serious criminal, it certainly goes a long way in preventing casual theft. Some thieves have been known to just walk down a street trying all the doors on vehicles parked there and jump in when they find one unlocked.
  2. Do Not Leave Anything In Your Vehicle! So simple yet so rarely done! It’s actually amazing just what will attract some thieves to steal.  Even spare change, sunglasses, or other seemingly inoccuous items are enough to tempt the wrong person to commit a crime so it’s best not to leave it in your vehicle at all.
  3. Hide It! If you can’t take it with you, at least hide it out of sight or, better yet, lock it in the trunk. Yes, some thieves will smash a window in order to rifle through the interior looking for valubales but some will only do so if they can see something worth stealing, so don’t let them!
  4. Don’t Leave Your Registration and Insurance Papers Inside! Yet another seemingly innocent item but if some thief wants to know where you live or if they want to steal your identity, having personal documents makes it easy.
  5. Don’t Leave Garage Door Openers In Your Vehicle! Obvioulsy, someone stealing your remote door opener means they now have access to your garage, and possibly your home if the garage is attached. Theft of this device may be worse if thieves also get your persoanl documents and have your address but even without that, criminals could follow you home and come back later to break in. 
  6. Park In Well travelled Areas. The more people driving and walking around or near your vehicle, the more likely those people will notice if someone is breaking into your vehicle. 
  7. Park In Well Lit Areas At Night! Much the same as point #5, a vehcile that is in a well lit area is less likely to be targeted. 

Having proper insurance coverage is certainly important and you should talk to your broker about exactly what is covered under your policy, but regardless of what level of insurance you have taking proactive measures to help mitigate vehicle thefts and break-ins will ultimately save you a lot of grief.


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