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Holiday Safety | Shopping & Parking Lots

Posted By on 15-12-2016
Holiday Safety | Shopping & Parking Lots

Let’s talk about Holiday Safety!

With so many shoppers flocking to the malls this holiday season, the need to be aware is at an all time high. Recent news reports are surfacing of shoppers being robbed at gunpoint, parking lot thefts, and general uneasiness. This is only increasing the closer we get to Christmas. People can become desperate and know that easy targets are at the ready. This season brings stress, and distractions can put you in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We want to make sure everyone is safe out there, by providing some tips on how to navigate this busy holiday season.

shopping mall safety

  • Whenever possible shop in a group. There is always safety in numbers.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings, and of those around you.
  • DO NOT carry around large amounts of cash.
  • Try to pay for your purchases with debit or credit cards.
  • If planning a day of shopping, keep your on person belongings to a minimum. Bring only the necessities you need to commute and shop.
  • Do not overload yourself with too many purchases at one time. It may take one more trip to the store, but you will be less of a target.
  • Be aware that your purchases are a walking billboard. If you are buying higher priced items, consider bringing a nondescript shopping bag with you to place these other bags in.
  • If you do offload purchases to your vehicle and return inside, place them in the trunk, and be aware of who is around. The best advice is if you can’t do it all in one trip, plan for two.
  • If you are feeling uneasy at any time, pull yourself out of that situation. Remain with a crowd, and contact security or police.

parkade and parking lot safety

  • Have your keys out and ready before you leave the mall.
  • Have the appropriate car insurance in place.
  • Park in a highly visible area, or near a light source.
  • Try and shop early to avoid having to leave in the dark.
  • If you are bringing valuables with you, lock them in the trunk prior to arriving at your destination. Better yet, don’t bring them at all.
  • If you are shopping alone, try and leave the mall with other shoppers. Again, safety in numbers.
  • Walk to your vehicle with confidence and authority. Do not stroll, move quickly. Be aware of those around you.
  • If you feel uneasy at any point, security is always available to walk you to your vehicle.
  • If you see something strange, report it. Do not put yourself in a position where you could be hurt.

Our hope is that you have a safe and happy holiday season. With all of the news stories, it is hard not to be nervous. Everything comes down to common sense, and not putting yourself in a vulnerable position. Be safe out there, and watch out for others too.


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