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Driving In The Spring

Posted By on 13-04-2018
Driving In The Spring

Driving in Alberta during the Spring usually means snow, and we’ve already had our fair share. When that eventually stops we are left with endless amounts of gravel, separating pavement and potholes. Not to mention rain, and fog tossed into the mix!


1) Make sure your headlights are in working order. Replace fuses and bulbs. Are you headlight casings looking cloudy? Pick up a headlight cleaning kit at your local big box auto store and make them look like new. Additionally, when driving in fog make sure to use low beams or fog lights only. High beams will just reflect off of the moisture and back in your direction.

2) Always have windshield washer fluid on hand. I personally keep a jug in my vehicle just in case I’m on the road and need a top up! Also, make sure to check that your windshield wipers are in working order.

driving in the spring alberta roads

3) Especially now, make sure to go slower through puddles. You might not realize that under that puddle could be an awful pothole ready to do damage to your tires.

4) Watch out for potholes in general. Try to avoid them on main roads without disrupting traffic around you. If you find yourself consistently finding road imperfections on your route that aren’t being repaired, call the city and let them know. If your vehicle is feeling a little off take it in for a wheel alignment.

5) Keep tires properly inflated! This will decrease your chances of hydroplaning as there will be a firm grip created with your treads and the pavement. If you do end up hydroplaning, reduce speed, pull your foot off of the gas and do not break.

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Happy Spring!

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