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Cleaning Your Motorcycle Helmet

Posted By on 04-07-2018
Cleaning Your Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle season appears and your gear is often out in the elements, which can be harsh at the best of times. Cleaning your helmet is necessary to keep it looking great, and in working order.

With many riders spending hundreds of dollars on a helmet, cleaning and maintenance should be a crucial part of your routine. There are many options out there when it comes to helmets, and what you wear could fall into one of these categories below:

  • Full Face
  • Modular (Flip-up)
  • Open Face (¾ helmet)
  • Half Helmet (brain bucket)
  • Off-Road (motocross helmet)
  • Dual-Sport ( crossover, ADV, hybrid, enduro)

cleaning your motorcycle helmet options

Within each of these helmets are different liners, and removable, or non-removable pieces that hold onto sweat, oil and, grime. The outsides are often covered in scuffs, bugs and whatever mother nature decided to throw at you that particular day.

Cleaning your helmet prolongs it’s life and helps avoid a smell that can fester, and permeate through to damage the inner liners after time. Which isn’t fun for anyone, especially your helmet.

Aside from an accident or dragging your helmet through a gravel pit, the biggest cause of damage is incorrect maintenance or cleaning using solvents and abrasive cloth. The truth of the matter is most damage to a helmet will come from mishandling while cleaning. We’re going to help fix that!

cleaning inside your motorcycle helmet

Prepare For Cleaning:

    • Clean the liner with mild soaps, such as mild laundry detergent or perhaps baby shampoo.
    • Have a towel that has been soaked in warm water to allow bugs or streaks to soften for about 5 minutes.
    • Remember to use towels that are scratch-free microfiber.
    • Apply very little pressure and just allow the soap to do the work, this will help to prevent scratching.
    • Using something like Honda Polish for an automotive polish on the shell of a glossy helmet.
    • For cleaning out joints and vents use cotton buds or a soft toothbrush.
    • After cleaning allow the helmet to air dry naturally.
    • To prevent future bugs, water spots and grime from sticking, use a coat of automotive wax to protect the helmet.
    • You can wear a skull cap to protect from body oils and sweats between washing.

Extend The Life Of Your Helmet:

  • Do not scrub the shell or visor of a motorcycle helmet when trying to remove difficult bugs.
  • Never use petroleum or a solvent cleaner on your helmet.
  • Never use glass cleaner on the visor.
  • Do not use dish soaps or other harsh soaps on the liner or helmet.
  • Avoid using dryer sheets as they contain harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners when cleaning the liner.
  • Avoid putting your helmet liner in a dryer.

Helmet With A Non Removable Liner:cleaning your motorcycle helmet parts

How do you clean if your helmet does not have a removable liner? The cleaning requires more of a complex procedure as you will need to soak and scrub the entire helmet. Using the shower as a base will allow you to rinse the helmet well after cleaning.

You can use a large bucket in the shower, and it is recommended to line the bottom of the bowl with a soft material while you wash. This will prevent the helmet from getting scratched. Refer to the above-recommended guidelines for cleaning and then let the helmet dry naturally after patting off with a towel.

Remember to remove the visor and/or pads from the helmet carefully beforehand (that can be taken off) to avoid unnecessary damage.

Everyone cleans a helmet from inside out roughly the same way. Find what you’re most comfortable with, as the above information is just a guideline to get you started on the right track. More information can be found here, with various methods described in detail.
The Quietest Helmet, MC Garage, Auto Evolution and, RideApart.

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