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BlueCircle Insurance New Edmonton Location

Posted By on 06-04-2018
BlueCircle Insurance New Edmonton Location

We have some exciting news that has been almost a year in the making, our BlueCircle Insurance world has expanded to include a new location. Hello, Edmonton!

This news has been burning a hole in our pocket, and we are SO excited to finally be available to welcome client visits to our new space. When you walk through our doors you may notice a few familiar faces, and we can’t wait to introduce you to everyone who is currently holding down the fort.

We are local to Alberta above all else, but now we now have brick and mortar locations in Calgary and Edmonton! Creating more ways for you to come and visit, interact and above all for us to engage with the communities around us even more.

New Location: 3485 Allan Dr. SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 1A4

Edmonton office outside

Edmonton office entry


Edmonton office boardroom

edmonton flowers












Besides the abundance of natural light and obvious BlueCircle vibe in the office, the first employees to make the move to the new space were already familiar to our Calgary office. It was undoubtedly a tough decision to leave Calgary for the time being and set up shop at our new Edmonton location, but they took it all in stride.

angela sara and melisia edmonton

Melisia Judge is taking on a temporary role of Branch Manager, on top of her usual day to day tasks until some new employees make their way into the mix. Melisia has been a part of BlueCircle Insurance since March 2004, she’s seen it all, and has had her hand in almost every aspect of the business. Being able to build close relationships with her clients, is where she is the happiest. We are so excited to watch her succeed and crush it in her new role!

sara edmonton

sara and melisia edmonton

As far as everyone is concerned it is business a usual, and they haven’t missed a beat working remotely prior to the official move. We are so excited for them to truly make this new space their own. To round out the current team you will find Brad Gibson and Sara Velichko, who were very hands-on throughout this whole process too! The company that builds together, thrives together. Right?

brad and sara edmonton office


Brad is the Partner, and main man behind Hole In One Direct, a division of BlueCircle Insurance Brokers. We are sure, that he is very excited to no longer work from home, and have a real office space. HIO Direct is the Greatest prize product available for your Canadian business, all in the bottom of a cup and Brad definitely shows his clients that every day. What? you didn’t know we had even more amazing offerings! Make sure to check out Hole In One Direct, and chat with Brad.

Sara Velichko is a new face to BlueCircle, and she will be the first person to greet you when you visit our new Edmonton location! Sara has already fallen in love with the positive atmosphere and say’s she has been treated like family since her very first day. Her ultimate work goal is to become a licensed broker and she looks forward to all of what the industry has in store for her.

edmonton office signs


We’ve built our new space next door to the Windermere Registry in the City of Edmonton, and we’re open for business, and offering our Edmonton and area clients, new and old, the same great service they always had.

Give us a call at 780-341-1612 using your exclusive code: WINDERMERE so we know how you found us.

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We’re looking forward to getting to know our new neighbours. Come and see us, send an email, or give us a call. We can’t wait to wow you!

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