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5 Types Of Cybercrimes You Should Know About!

Posted By on 30-09-2019
5 Types Of Cybercrimes You Should Know About!

October has the distinction of being cybersecurity awareness month and that’s a good thing! But, the sad reality is that we should all be cyber aware and cyber safe every month, week and day.

The concept of cybersecurity awareness is supported globally, by Canada’s Ministry Of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the European Union Network and Information Security commission, and the Norwegian National Security Authority, to name but a few.

Every Month Should Be Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

What constitutes a cybercrime? There’s a multitude of them, everything from phishing to ransomware, though content-driven crime such as hate literature can also be considered part of this scourge.

5 Common Types Of Cybercrime

  • Phishing: a fraudulent attempt, typically by e-mail, to steal your personal information or get you to participate in some activity that sees the transfer of money to the perpetrators.
    • Watch for generic greetings, forged links contained in the e-mail, requests for any personal information, all usually with some sense of emergency.

  • Malware: also known as malicious software, are programs or files that are harmful to a computer user and can include computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware.
    • Always check domains of log-in pages to confirm accounts and ensure security by implementing updates frequently and storing passwords in locations such as password managers.

  • Scams: a deceptive or fraudulent act that has a special offer or deal for the targeted victim, like the “too good to be true” scenario.
    • Just like the saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t and you should be immediately suspicious.

  • Identity Theft: criminals take personal information about a person and use it to set up credit cards in your name or hack into your bank accounts and steal your money.
    • Be very careful about what personal information you share on social media or other websites, and do not send any of this type of information in e-mails, as they can be intercepted by savvy criminals.

  • Ransomware: just as it sounds, cyber criminals take control of websites and demand ransom payments to have them released.
    • Use the same precautions as you would in Phishing protection, plus have a data recovery plan and back up your data regularly. 

It’s always best to be proactive and learn how cybercrime works as well as ways to prevent becoming a victim. It’s comforting to know that BlueCircle Insurance offers various types of Commercial and Business Insurance coverage to protect you and your data should you need help.

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