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10 Things All Drivers Should Know

Posted By on 19-06-2017
10 Things All Drivers Should Know

Driving out there can be tough on the best of days, and there are 10 things all drivers should know! We all deserve to get to get to our destinations safe regardless of our choice of transportation. Now, more than ever you will undoubtedly see more than one motorcycle on your daily commute, or when you’re leaving the city for a getaway.

Riding a motorcycle isn’t just a sport anymore, it is a lifestyle, and all riders deserve the same respect on the roads as everyone else, but this is also a two-way street. It is a rider’s responsibility to be aware of their surroundings 100% of the time, but that does not mean that it is not the responsibility of other drivers as well. To become complacent when it comes to the vehicles on the road, or to be on “auto pilot” when driving is dangerous. We all need to watch out for each other out there and make sure that we have the appropriate insurance coverages in place to protect us, just like the gear we choose, it’s important!

10 Things All Drivers Should Know Riding

Here are 1o things all drivers should know:

  1. More than half of all motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle. Unfortunately, most of the time the other driver, not the motorcyclist is at fault.
  2. Motorcycles are very easily hidden in a vehicle’s blind spot. Take an extra chance to look whether you’re changing lanes or turning at intersections. A great game to play with younger passengers is count the motorcycles while you’re driving. That way as they grow to become drivers, they are already programmed to notice them on the road.
  3. Due to their smaller size, riders may look farther away than they really are. It may also be difficult to judge a motorcycle’s speed. Be mindful of this when one is approaching an intersection or leaving a lot.
  4. Many motorcyclists slow by downshifting or rolling off the throttle; this does not activate the brake light. Allow for more following distance.
  5. Bikes are often seen adjusting positions within a lane to be found more readily by those vehicles around them. They can also be moving around debris, passing vehicles and taking the wind into account. Motorcyclists adjust lane position for a reason, not to be reckless or to “stunt”. With that being said, riders should be keeping a safe distance, and lane stance when riding so they are visible to other vehicles. As a rider, if you’re not entirely sure what lane position makes you the most visible there are some amazing training schools that can help with a refresher Too Cool Motorcycle School and Motology are our go to’s!
  6. Motorcycle turn signals are not self-cancelling, and some new riders (and even seasoned) forget to turn them off after a turn or lane change. Make sure to double check. It might also be a good idea to brush up on your bike hand signals, this will help you with cyclists as well!
  7. The ability to move with more agility is a motorcycle’s strong point, even at slower speeds. This is all with the anticipation of good road conditions, so don’t always expect that the rider can swiftly move out of the way.
  8. Stopping distance for riders is on par or better than that of a car. Slippery conditions can make this more difficult for all vehicles. Allow more following distance between you and a motorcycle to avoid skids, and stopping at intersections.
  9. A collision between two vehicles at high speeds can cause serious injury, but a collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle at high speeds more than likely results in death. Be cautious and aware, and share the road safely.
  10. When a motorcycle is on the road, see more than just the bike. See the rider, the person, and their families. Our office rides, our friend’s ride, our parent’s ride. We want them to enjoy their passion, without the danger. Most of all, we want them home safe, and that means we need everyone to be aware.

10 Things All Drivers Should Know While Commuting

For all of the riders out there always be looking ahead! Be thinking 5 steps beyond everyone else on the road. Awareness of your surroundings when riding is part of being a motorcyclist, and any driver for that matter.

Watch out for other vehicles, and anticipate moves before they happen. Just because you are riding beside a vehicle, doesn’t mean they see you. Protect yourself first, before you assume they are going to be doing the same for you. Check out our Rider Workshop post: Motorcycle Accidents & How to Prevent Them for more very important information about riding.

Preparedness is key, and it’s necessary.

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