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Fresh air, scenic views, and nothing but the open road ahead — what’s not to love? Get on your bike and ride, then cruise with utmost peace of mind. With our customized and exclusive motorcycle insurance, there are no surprises on the road, just the familiar views you love and new sights you have yet to explore.

As Alberta’s leader in motorcycle insurance, no one else understands, and shares, your love of riding quite like we do. This is what drives us to make motorcycle insurance accessible and effective, so you can ride with complete protection for yourself and your prized bike.

Whether you’re new to the world of big bikes or you’re a lifelong rider, we can craft a motorcycle insurance policy tailored to your lifestyle, and protect everything else that matters to you in a comprehensive, multi-policy bundle.

Complete Motorcycle and Lifestyle Coverage

Like you, we know our bikes and the protection they need better than anyone else. We’re not just insurance providers: we’re also riders and bike lovers. With these combined, we offer nearly 20 years of unique expertise in protecting you and your ride on the road.

At BlueCircle, we offer complete lifestyle protection for you and your motorcycle. Riding is a lifestyle: your bike is a valued asset, and is just one outlet for living the good life. For this, we secure the basics, like damages and liability, and set you up for total coverage of everything you value — your home, car, and even your business. Our mission is your total lifestyle protection. Find out more about our multi-policy bundles, and unlock exclusive savings and benefits with complete BlueCircle protection.

Motorcycles We Insure

BlueCircle offers motorcycle insurance tailored to every rider and their bike. Find protection for yours here:

  • Custom motorcycles
  • Classic and collector motorcycles
  • Factory-built Motorycles

Don’t see your bike? No worries — just tell us what you ride, and we will craft the right policy for your full protection and leisure possibilities.

The Perfect blend of Value & Protection Created by Riders, for Riders

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