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Coverage built around your custom vehicle, instead of the other way around.

You’ve taken them time to build your own, or restore a vehicle back to its original glory.

Now that you have put your blood, sweat and potential tears (of joy) into sourcing or customizing your ride, shouldn’t you put the same time
into getting it appraised?

Now, how about obtaining coverage that will actually protect all of your
hard work?

Motorcycle Appraisal

We know that you take pride in your classic and custom vehicles. We want to make sure whatever you ride, it's covered correctly!

Rick’s Motorcycle Appraisals

Address: 52 Santana Hill NW
Calgary, AB T3K 3A2

Office: (403) 274-0760
Cell: (403) 540-7150
Email: [email protected]

Sunburn Auto Appraisals

Address: 11340 10 Ave
Edmonton, AB, T6J 6S9

Phone: (780) 435-7497
Cell: (780) 991-2266
Email: [email protected]


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-877-922-9701

After Dark Motorcycles

Address: 12845 151 Street
Edmonton, AB, T5V 1A7

Phone: (780) 441-3666

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